Why Sugar is BAD for You – The Truth About Sugar

Why Sugar is BAD for You – The Truth About Sugar

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Refined sugar (glucose bonded with fructose), and high-fructose corn syrup, puts too much fructose in your blood stream and causes your liver to become over-burdened. Primitive man only had berries, fruits, and wild honey, if he could get it, as the sweet things in the food supply that was available to him. Our bodies evolved with that as its norm in all the eons of humankind. Primitive man absorbed his fructose in the liver and because he ate so little of it, it caused no problem in his body. It also was not pure, but came in fruits, which also had fiber, vitamins and minerals to offset the fructose.

With the advent of sugar cane refining, and later sugar beets, history was changed and now anyone could consume any amount of sugar if he could afford it. Blood sugar levels rose and the body released insulin to help the cells absorb sugar in the blood stream as high amounts of fructose over-loaded the liver and the pancreas. Humans started to feel the effects and different diseases affected people who ate too much refined sugar. Other systems in the body were pulled into the problems with high blood sugar, and spawned new illness.

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