How To Instantly Improve Your Photography

I want to show you how to instantly improve your photography. With
the tips I’m going to tell you you’ll be amazed how quickly and how
easily you can take better photos

FIll The Frame

This has got to be my favourite and easiest tip as it applies to just
about everyone who’s ever taken a photograph. And it’s something you
will hear me mention many times over – Fill The Frame!

What do I mean by this?

Think about it, how many times have we been asked by friends and
family to look at their photos, only to wonder what we’re looking at?
because there’s only a tiny speck of interest in the middle of the
frame. It’s usually surrounded by masses of sea, sand, sky or grass? If
you’re like me, it’s too many times to count

But it doesn’t have to be like that here’s how to instantly improve your photography.

Most people simply get the camera up as quick as they can and grab a
quick snapshot without much thought. They just want to grab that memory.
And that’s ok, but you can grab a nicer memory with a little bit of
knowhow. And that’s what I’m going to teach you in this video.

When you do fill the frame the photo has instant impact, you know
what the photograph is about and more often than not the subject
isperfectly in focus.

Many times we view photographs where the photographer, often using
autofocus hasn’t quite got the focusing right because they let the
camera take over. And, because it’s usually on full automatic mode, it
doesn’t always know where to focus. Modern cameras are sophisticated computers that take photos, but what they don’t have, they don’t have a creative eye.

And that’s where you come in and that’s where I come in, from Very
Easy Photography because I’m going to help you develop that creative eye
and how to instantly improve your photography, the very easy way.

Can I be clear about what I think is one of the most important tips
to taking better photos. Get close and fill the viewfinder with the
subject. This way there is no mistaking what you are taking the
photograph of, or why you are taking the picture, good photographs tell a
story and we’ll be covering storytelling in another video.

There are many aspects to being a good photographer, however when you are starting you need to learn the basics of photography
first and then move onto some of the more technical concepts.But first
let’s start with how to take a better picture. fill the frame and tell a
story that way.

Many modern cameras are fitted with a zoom lens so you can get in
close with a zoom lens. If you don’t have a zoom lens why not use the
age old, tried and tested method of using your feet and walk closer to
your subject. Sometimes it really is that simple. You can walk closer to
the to the flower, walk closer to the people you are taking photographs
of, walk closer to the castle or whatever it may be. And if you think
about it, it really is that simple, just get in closer.

When you do get in close and fill the frame, you’ll also notice the
background isn’t full of distracting extraneous details that compete
with the viewers eye for attention.

For example, if you’re taking a photo of a loved one, whether it’s
your partner, child, parent or even your dog,make sure that they fill
the fame and that it’s composed well (and we’ll talk more on composition
in the next video). This way you leave the viewer of the photo
withlittle doubt as to the purpose of the photographi.e. the story. As I
said earlier, don’t make the mistake of having the main subject of the
photo as an itty bitty, tiny detail in the centre of the frame. When it
takes so little effort to make the photograph better.

Sure, it’s nice to have a good idea of where the photograph was taken
and its context, but come on, let’s have an idea of what the photograph
is all about. Ok, let’s get out there and take some photos and try to
improve on the ones you took before. So Happy Snapping everyone, and
let’s see how to instantly improve your photography.

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